Think back to the first pool you ever cannon-balled into.

Was it a city pool? Was it one in your own backyard? Was it nice? Did it even matter?

Probably not. It was most likely just fun to splash and play and get a little sunburned every now and then.

Then as you grew up, the urge to splash and play turned to the want to lounge and relax. And the pool started to matter a little more.

These days, it’s not just about the pool, is it? It’s not just about the patio, either. It’s about the full package, the lifestyle it brings. The environment it creates, that tranquil feeling and ability to escape any given moment in your own oasis.

That’s exactly what Radelli Pools does for you.

We don’t build pools. We don’t build patios. We build outdoor escapes using the latest in pool building technology to make sure it’ll stand the test of time and Texas weather, season after season.

Native soil replacement, soil injections, Engineered helical piers and an innovative new technology known as void forms are considered on every project. We work with GeoTechs and Engineers to combat the expansive North Texas soil and design and build a system that’s tailored just for you.

Using your style, latest trends, the existing atmosphere and your expectations, we build pools, patios and landscapes that make you rethink ever wanting to move again!

About the Owner

I’m Aubrey Russell, President of Radelli Pools. My wife and I started this company to deliver custom swimming pools of high quality at an affordable price that last a lifetime, simple as that.

I remember as a kid, I was obsessed with creating and building things. As time went on I had ambitions to be an Architect. I loved the only limitation in designing was my ability to clearly transfer whatever it is that my mind created, on to paper. Later realizing the design obsession was only half the kick and then I fell in love with building; whether it was a shed or a home, I was obsessed with over-engineering, quality and creativity. I wanted whatever I laid my hands on to last as long as the Parthenon in Rome.

After my service in the Army, I was able to climb the ladder at a local major home builder as a Division Production Manager, where I was consistently asked who to recommend for a pool builder.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of builders in this industry that deliver a phenomenal product. Companies that build outstanding pools and patios and truly care about their customer. However, there aren’t enough. There aren’t many that will look at your backyard as a blank canvas and create that environment tailored just for you and your family. I like to believe our passion and creativity is what separates us from the other builders. No two pools are the same, and we push your dollar further and maximize your design to fit your budget, and we aren’t going to sacrifice structural integrity or quality to do so.

The name Radelli, is a combination of our son Radek and our daughter Ellie. Radelli is based on family values. It's a reminder that life is about being around the ones we love, in an environment that we love. Whether we create the space that brings loved ones closer or the backyard oasis that lets you escape the real world, we want to give you the lifestyle that turns a weekend into a memory that lasts a lifetime.

I bring the same engineering and design obsession to the pool industry. We’re not here to dig a hole. Anyone can do that. In fact, we work with national industry leading firms like Watershape Consulting for their expertise in engineering to site specific soils conditions when we need to. We consistently train our team to better ourselves so the product that we deliver to you is of the highest quality.

Each pool we build is hand crafted, engineered, built to last and custom designed to our customer’s needs and wants. A true modern experience using state of the art technology and equipment.

Today’s luxury living is about bringing the comforts of inside, outdoors. It’s about applying principles from Roman Architects published 2,000 years ago. I believe every project of ours is a work of art, much like the Vitruvian man drawn by Leonardo da Vinci. We focus on symmetry, aesthetics, simplicity and functionality.

"Modern Living, Redefined."

If you have questions about our services or pricing, you can check out our Pricing + FAQ page.

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