Looking to add a little relaxation to your everyday life? Ready to make more family memories? Don’t want the same pool as everyone else on your street? Build your own backyard oasis, exactly the way you want it.

By incorporating various style components and the natural elements of Earth, Fire and Water, you’ll be able to design your perfect paradise (with input from our designers, of course).

The Complete Package

But design is only half of the equation. Each pool and structure is truly engineered to last. We combat the difficult soil composition, rock formations and high expansion rates by designing every pool with helical piers, the exact same pieces of equipment used to raise the foundations of homes back to level.

For especially trying situations, we have the option of using a revolutionary forming technology called void forms. By creating a cushion around the shell, the highly expansive North Texas soil is allowed to swell and shrink as much as necessary, all without heaving or cracking your pool. Do we over-engineer? Maybe. But that gives you peace of mind that the investment you made in your backyard will be the same year after year.

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